Cathedral High School History Department

Ventures in Education

Infusing the Teaching of Critical and Creative Thinking Into Content Instruction
1. Skills at Generating Ideas
A. Generating Possibilities
1. Multiplicity of Ideas
2. Varied Ideas
3. New Ideas
4. Detailed Ideas
B. Creating Metaphors
1. Analogy
2. Metaphor

2. Skills at Clarifying Ideas
A. Analyzing Ideas
1. Compare and Contrast
2. Classification and Definition
3. Part/Whole Relationship
4. Sequencing
B. Analyzing Arguments
1. Finding Reasons and Conclusions
2. Uncovering Assumptions

3. Skills at Assessing the Reasonableness of Ideas
A. Assessing Basic Information
1. Accuracy of Observation
2. Reliability of Sources
B. Inference
1. Use of Evidence
a. Causal Explanations
b. Prediction
c. Generalization
d. Reasoning by Analogy
2. Conditional Reasoning

4. Thinking Processes
A. Goal Oriented Processes
1. Decision Making
2. Problem Solving

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