Scan and Run Reading Strategies

Survey headings and turn them into questions

Scan the title, headings, and subheadings of the text selection and change each into what, why or how questions.

Capture the Captions and Visuals

Read and try to understand each caption or visual clue.  Then ask yourself what the clue means.

Attack Boldface Words

Read highlighted words in the text section and figure out what each word means.

Note and Read the Section Questions

Read the questions at the end of the chapter before you read the section. This will help you to focus on answering the questions when you read.


Read and Adjust Speed

Change your reading speed depending on the level of difficulty of the section.

Use WordIdentification Skills

Look for other word clues in the sentence. Get the meaning of a word from context clues.

Notice and Check Parts You Don't Understand

Place a check in the margin next to the part you don't understand. Reread that section again.

Salembier, G.(1999) "Scan and Run: A Reading Comprehension Strategy That Works" Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy.  International Reading Association: Newark, DE.